Last week, the boys and I were cleaning the house while Mom was out of town. We braved the biting Colorado breeze and raked the leaves out of the yard, pruned bushes for the winter, and added some last minute Christmas lights.

Jacob (12), got inspired to do less manual labor and retrieved the electric leaf blower from the garage; a 50 ft tangled extension cord in tow.

He plugged everything in, turned the blower on, and stomped through the yard to blast all the leaves into the street.

He made it halfway before the tangled cord caught and **YANK** stopped him in his tracks.

Later that day, Ben (7 going on 25), was vacuuming the living room and the same thing happened (except the vacuum shut down and the cord ripped out of the wall).

It reminded me how much better and efficient life is when we prepare…

We’ve all heard the saying, “Dig your well before you’re thirsty”, but I’ve updated the maxim around our house to “untangle the cord before you vacuum”.

Layout your workout clothes before you go to bed…

Have a shut-down routine at the end of the day so you come into the office tomorrow more prepared…

Grab your pixel code, favicon, copywriting worksheet, and images before you open up ClickFunnels…

When we take a few seconds or minutes to “untangle the knots” it can save us hours or days of work in the future.

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