Maui is my favorite place on the planet.

My wife and I went for our 10 year anniversary (5 years ago…we are overdue for a return trip). The beaches, sand, snorkeling, hiking, food… everything overdelivered.

Let’s say you were in the business of “selling” a trip to Maui.

Your customer wants to get to Maui. You know the way.

There are a few ways you could do that.

One, you could just point and nod towards the island paradise (“go that way”). Or if you were feeling particularly generous you could provide a map. Your customer might get lost along the way, and the journey might be dangerous, but if the map was good enough eventually they’d get there on their own.

Two, you could take them on a road trip (“come with me!”). You could drive them to the airport and get on an airplane and make sure they get there safely. Definitely faster than walking, swimming, or rowing and certainly more comfortable. They still end up in Maui; faster and with less pain.

Three, you could book them on a private jet (“just sit there and let me handle it for you”). A black car pulls up to their house and rushes them to the nearest private airstrip. A butler carries their luggage from the limo to the private jet and they depart when they want to. They enjoy fine food and drink on their own airliner to Maui.

Same destination. Same umbrella drink on the beach when they get there.

Just faster. More comfortable.

How do you help people get results in your business?

You may help your clients get to their destination with everything from a free video, a $10 book, or a $10,000 done-for-you service.

You sell the result; the transformation.

All that changes is the speed and comfort with which you get them there.


P.S. This was taken from Ep. 054 of the Cody Builds a Business Podcast which you can find here.