There’s an issue we need to address in our business.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

1 – we identify a problem in the world and create a solution. This is our “magic trick”.

2 – we share our magic trick with those in our inner circle.

3 – we get some deals, make a little money and get a few results.

4 – we launch a website and print some business cards (which are both unnecessary) and…

5 – go to networking events, post recklessly to social media (becoming what I call “the aimless guru”), and wander about hoping and praying that this activity somehow turns into deals.

And we stall out. Leads become unpredictable and our income follows… some great months followed by some scary months.

You see, if you focus solely on building a referral business spread on word of mouth, you rely on others to send you qualified, interested prospects who can be helped by your “magic trick”.

I’ve been there.

When I started my digital marketing agency in January 2017 I relied solely on referrals to grow my business. It worked OK… until it didn’t. Within a few months my warm network dried up and I experienced drastic swings in income (and peace of mind).

I knew something had to change.

If I wanted to get more calm, predictable growth in my business I needed more than word of mouth.

That’s exactly why I made a brand new free training.

It’s a quick training – about 55 minutes (but if you’re like me you want to be able to speed up the playback so you can watch it faster if you want).

In it, I reveal 5 secrets on how to smash through the referral plateau and create customers on-demand. You’re going to really love it.

There’s nothing to buy on the training – just fast paced delivery of killer strategies on how to smash through the “referral plateau”.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, a pen and paper and check it out here.


P.S. Want to schedule a 1:1 chat with me to personally review your funnel strategy and make sure you’re on the right track? Watch the training first, then book a FREE call where we can brainstorm some ideas for your specific situation.