My youngest son, Ben turned 9 on Tuesday which means 3 things:

LEGO, LEGO, and more LEGO.

Hundreds of pieces of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Dragons are now strewn about the house, waiting to be assembled into that finished masterpiece pictured on the box.

Watching him play and build got me thinking about the simple brilliance of LEGO.

First, there’s an awesome picture on the box of the finished “thing” (Death Star, Eiffel Tower, Bugatti, etc)…

But inside the box are hundreds, or even thousands, of pieces.

So it’s clear where you wanna go: the awesome picture on the box.

And it’s clear what will get you there: the 1,183 pieces in the box.

But it gets even easier, because the pieces aren’t scattered about like candy in a pinata.

Rather, they are organized into neat little bags conveniently numbered 1, 2, 3 and so on.

Rip open bag 1 and follow the instructions until bag 1 is done. Repeat with other bags until the entire structure is brought to life.

Here’s the application:

I believe there are 3, and only 3, funnels you need in order for your business to succeed.

One, a way to convert traffic into leads (aka email subscribers).

Two, a way to convert those new subscribers into customers.

And three,  a way to sell something high-ticket/scalable (over $2,000 typically).

Look at all the successful businesses online and pay attention to how they have these 3 funnels in place.

Amy Porterfield (host of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast; something you should all listen and subscribe to immediately), for example, has a few freebies and list-builders she uses in her business (traffic into subscribers).

Then she has a low-ticket course on how to build your list (convert those subscribers into customers).

And a few times a year she does a massive launch of her core product (scalable profit maximizer).

That’s it. It’s simple. 

So, back to LEGO and what it has to do with our business.

We have this goal of a successful business where we’re helping people, making money, and making a difference.

That’s the picture on the front of the box.

And inside the box, we have these little bags that we can assemble and start to put the pieces together.

Bag 1: a method to turn traffic into a subscriber (something like this free book funnel I put together last week).

Bag 2: a method to turn people into customers (typically a webinar or sales page).

Bag 3: a method to scale up your service and help people move faster or work with you in a more intimate way.

Make sense?

I heard a saying recently, “You CAN have it all… just not all at once.

It’s comforting to me as an ADD entrepreneur to know that I can definitely do a bunch of stuff on my list (podcast, books, blogging, YouTube, social media, speaking, etc).

I don’t have to cross any of those off my list in permanent marker.

I’ll get to them all. Eventually. 

But not at the same time.

In the meantime, I’m just building…

Bag by bag.

~ Cody