Most entrepreneurs don’t know how to grow their business beyond word of mouth.

And I don’t blame them – I’ve been there.

When I first started my business, I too struggled to bust through “the referral plateau” and within 4 months of launching I hit a ceiling (followed by a precipitous drop in income).

I went from $13,914 in March 2017 (month 3) back down to $6,229 in April (month 4). The cycle continued all through that first year (including drops of $9,442 between month 6 and 7 and $13,640 between months 8-9).

I knew I could help people with their sales funnels and advertising, but relying solely on word of mouth and referral marketing seemed dangerous and unpredictable.

It was like I was on a roller coaster and couldn’t get off…

I thought, “If only I knew a few more people… they will turn into clients and maybe then will intro me to their friends, too!”

So I spent more than $50K in my first year in business traveling to events, networking groups, and meetups – to get a handful of clients that would need my services for a few months until the pipeline dried up and I repeated the cycle all over again.

I just wanted a way to predictably grow my business with a list of people that already knew me, how I could help them, and get them a great result.

And along the way I made a shocking discovery…

I realized that these very successful client projects held the answer!

Here we were, crafting winning marketing campaigns and sales funnels, getting heaps of leads (8,108 leads here, 1,147 leads there, 4,908 more over here…)

All without traveling the world, eating alone in an airport Chili’s, going to a bunch of fruitless meetups (literally and figuratively), and without being famous online or offline.

Heck, most of the time my clients were in Fiji, Costa Rica, Hawaii, or the Dominican Republic (the “lifestyle entrepreneur’s dream”).

You see, I realized this very important truth:

The secret wasn’t in the network or the amount of followers they had…

It was about providing VALUE in advance to the people you seek to serve.

Naturally, I was skeptical that these results would work for me. So I thought “why not run a little test with my own business and see if it would work for me, too?”

And, to my surprise, within a short amount of time I had 472 brand new leads in my own business. I had gone from only having 4-5 clients at a time (and never more than 1-2 clients in the pipeline) to having literally hundreds of people consuming my “stuff”, getting a result… all while thinking highly of me and building trust in me and my brand.

I knew I was onto something.

And since then, I’ve been able to help thousands of people with this same discovery.

And because I’m on a mission to help driven entrepreneurs bust through the referral plateau and create a [seemingly] endless stream of new leads in their business…

I felt it’s my duty to share this discovery (that has worked so well for me and my clients) with you!

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