On April 20th, 1999 I was wrapping up my senior year and preparing for graduation, parties, and college.

My schedule was light and I had “early release” which let out around lunchtime. After school, like any other day, I headed over to my friend Steve’s house for sandwiches and video games. When we popped on the TV though… the world had changed.

On that day 2 armed students went into a high school in Columbine Colorado and killed 13 people – one of the victims was named Rachel Scott.

Little did I know I would soon be traveling the country, staying in cheap hotels, and sharing her story with tens of thousands of teenagers.


From 2006-2008 I was a speaker for the nonprofit Rachel’s Challenge. In middle and high schools across the US I’d share Rachel Scott’s story of kindness and compassion and her challenges she left behind in her journals.

The first challenge was “look for the best in others”. Whatever you look for, you find. Look for the worst: you’ll find it, too.

This is also an effective technique with any other circumstance (a new challenge, relationship, piece of technology in your business, a new co-worker… you name it).

Look for the best in every situation…

And when faced with an obstacle that you need to overcome: Choose to make it work…


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