In December we bought a new (used) vehicle to replace our recently-totaled gray/gray/gray minivan.

And today I’m going to teach you the 3 types of “closes” that everyone experiences when making a buying decision.

As you learn the framework, pay attention to how it has worked in your life and how you can use it in your marketing.

Close #1: Emotion (Status Increase)

My wife Christy and I were desperate for a vehicle after sharing my sedan for a month. We test drove a few SUVs and nothing seemed to fit. We grew more frustrated daily.

One day, while Christy was on a business trip, the perfect vehicle hit the market. My Dad and I rushed to the dealership to drive it. 

When I set my eyes on it I had to have it.

I wrapped my fingers around the steering wheel as the turbo charged engine purred.

I pictured my wife pulling up in the carpool lane, how it would look in the garage, and out on the road. 

Emotionally, I was hooked.

Application: how will your product, service or idea increase the status of the people you seek to serve? 

Close #2: Logic (Avoid Status Decrease)

The next “close” is Logic.

After I emotionally bought the SUV, Logic kicked in. 

It sounds like this:

“It’s also really safe…. It gets great gas mileage… it seats 7 … it’s really reliable… it has great resale value!”

Sound familiar?

Application: If the emotional close doesn’t work, logically make the case for your product or service. How will it save time and money? How is it better than the alternatives? Back it up with numbers, data, and statistics.

Close #3: Fear (Scarcity / Urgency)

I mentally committed to buy the car on Monday night but decided to sleep on it.

Fear kicked in the next morning.

“We’ve been searching for months, if we lose this SUV then we have to start over… someone else will buy this… this is a great vehicle and they are hard to find…”

I rushed back up to the dealership and signed a small stack of papers. It was mine!

Application: How can you inject scarcity or urgency into your offers?

My membership, The FAM (Funnels + Ads Mastery) is only open a few times a year (Feb 9th-13th!) and if you miss out, you miss out.  Urgency = time-bound.

One of my private clients prints 1,000 workbooks and when they are gone, they are gone. They sell out every launch. 


The #1 reason we buy is EMOTION. 50% of our sales will come from emotion. Lead with emotion in your emails, sales pages, and ad copy.

#2: LOGIC. Backup your claims with numbers, data, and stats. Number nerds (like me) will buy with LOGIC.

#3: FEAR. Ethically use scarcity and urgency in your marketing.

Cody “ELF” Burch