Wondering what gift to get for the entrepreneur in your life? Check out my ultimate list of gifts for $100 or less.

For The Coffee Lover

Nespresso Essenza Mini Espresso Machine

This is the best gift I received in 2018 (thanks to my wife, Christy, for Father’s Day). It brews amazing espresso in a few seconds, and saves me time and money (it’s within arm’s reach in my office).

The cups/pods aren’t expensive (around 60 cents per cup) and, bonus, it looks cool. (link)


For The Podcaster

Blue Yeti USB Microphone


Stop using the free headphones that came with your phone or the built-in mic on your computer. Level up with the Blue Yeti USB mic. You can get the microphone itself for around $99 (I have 2 in my office; 1 attached to my desk for podcasting and 1 for travel).

The sound is awesome, and it’s a great mic for the price. (link)


For The Traveler

Portable Charger – Anker Powercore

Never let your phone die again. This is a must for any traveler or when business takes you away from your office. I love this specific charger because it has a ton of power and can recharge multiple devices at once. (link)


For The Mind

Five Minute Journal

This is the gift I’veĀ givenĀ more than any since starting my business. It’s a simple gratitude journal, beautifully made, that helps me be more mindful of how amazing life can be.

Bold promise, I know, but it works. Give this a try for 2 weeks and report back on how it has affected your life. (link)



This app summarizes the most popular books in about 10-12 minutes. I use it to preview books before I buy them, and to be aware of the big ideas in books so I can join in the conversations.



Every successful business owner I have met has a meditation practice. I didn’t know where to start, and this app was a life saver.

There are many different types of guided meditations based on your goals or the time you have to meditate.


For The Body

Athletic Greens

I use Athletic Greens daily. When I travel, it’s nearly impossible to get the nutrients I need to stay healthy. This is my secret weapon. (link)


Kettle and Fire Bone Broth

When I first tried bone broth I didn’t like it. But now I look forward to it every day.

My morning routine: wake up at 5am, drink coffee and Athletic Greens, take the dog for a walk and then warm up with a glass of bone broth.

It has lots of protein and collagen and very low fat and sodium. (link)


For the Office

Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand

Elevate your laptop to a more comfortable eye level and reduce eye strain and back pain. Bonus, keep all your cords organized. (link)



Speaking of eye strain (and dryness, and headaches)… grab a pair of these blue light blocking glasses.

Seriously, use these for 1 day and tell me how you feel! (link)


For the Apple Fan

Magic Mouse

This is a seriously great mouse. It feels nice in your hand, seamlessly connects with your Mac, and has lots of cool features that makes it function like a touchpad.

If you have a Mac, you need a Magic Mouse. (link)


Apple Pencil

I was a slow adopter of the Apple Pencil. But once I got started using it, I haven’t looked back.

I now use it to take notes on my iPad. Goodbye massive stacks of paper and journals, all my notes are in my iPad in my handwriting. (link)


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