What does it actually mean to be grateful?

In the busy-ness and craziness of entrepreneurship it’s tempting to look at the negatives.

Pull into the slow line at the gas station, “this always happens to me.”

Your favorite holiday creamer is out at the supermarket, “figures, I can’t catch a break.”

Your first Facebook ad gets denied, “I’ll never be able to make this work.”

It’s harder to practice gratitude (and to me it’s just that, a practice. You have to keep doing it over and over and over again to get good at it).

But the most dramatic shift in my life happened when I started to pause and notice the great things that happened in my day.

A great cup of coffee…

A calm dinner with my 3 sons…

A quick mid-day walk with my wife to catch up on our day…

Slowing down and noticing the amazing things that are happening all around us can be truly transformational.

Today on the Cody Builds a Business Podcast, I sit down with my middle son, Luke (10 years old) and we talk about gratitude.

Luke is my special guy. Let’s just say he sometimes struggles to express gratitude.

So we poured a glass of chocolate milk and had a great conversation about gratitude.

Full episode here.


P.S. This Thanksgiving week I’m grateful for YOU. Thank you for being a part of my internet family. I really appreciate it.