“Trust is gained in drops, and lost in bucketfuls.”

We build admiration and fandom for celebrities over years… but when someone cheats on their wife, loses their temper on Twitter, or rams their sports car into a phone pole after one too many – the fallout is immediate.

Years of trust gone in a flash.

Maybe that’s why we’re so bad at receiving. We’re afraid of being tricked, duped, or hurt.

“What’s their angle?”

“What do they want from me?”

Ever feel that way? Or is it just me?

Earlier this year I joined a mastermind. A few weeks after joining I got a package in the mail.

I tore into it (based on how heavy it was) and was excited to find a brand new iPad loaded with videos of past speakers and events.

To top it all off, there was a custom video shot by the leader that said, “Hey Cody! I was going to brand this iPad with our logo, but I didn’t know if you already had one, or you’d give this to your kids or someone else. No expectations of what you’d do with it, I just wanted you to have it…”

Those 2 words jumped off the screen.

No expectations.

No leverage.

Nothing needed in return.

Today I was browsing Sol Orwell’s website (link) and love how his blog post ended:

At the bottom it simply said, “Hi, I’m Sol. I pontificate here at SJO.com on entrepreneurship, productivity, and more. I don’t do any kind of coaching, consulting, or affiliate marketing, so this is simply an outlet for me. Nothing more, nothing less.” (emphasis added).

No opt-in. Nothing to buy (though you can sign up for his email list).

No expectations.

Leverage is helpful in business, physics, and sports. But, I don’t see the need for it as you grow personal relationships.

What if we just gave with no expectations?

What if we all tried to outgive each other with no desire or ask on the back-end?

What if a gift was simply that, a gift?

Nothing more. Nothing less.