Have you ever gained access to something for free?

Maybe you shared a login to a course that a friend bought…

Or hacked the login to a membership site that you weren’t a part of…

Or, more legitimately, you signed up for a free beta group or course…

On the flip side, have you ever invested in something VERY expensive?

In about a week I’m attending my first $10,000 event. No, this isn’t a series of events… it’s 1 event. 3 days. $10K.

How do you think I’m going to show up to that event?

You think I’ll oversleep and wander in around noon in pajama pants, shirtless, nursing a Coors Light? (how’s that for a mental picture).

Of course not – I’m going to show up early, take care of my body, eat healthy, exercise, and show up ready to go. I’ll be 100% dialed in, no distractions.

Earlier this year I hosted a free beta group to help me craft what would become the One Hour Funnel. I had a whiteboard of content and let up to 50 people join, for free, a weekly call where I’d coach them and teach them the framework. In return, they’d give me feedback and testimonials and play full out.

Luckily about a dozen folks were plugged in and helping out as planned. But it was hard to get the masses to engage regularly since they were not invested.

I bought a $97 bundle of courses last Black Friday and I don’t even know where my login is (oops).

I’ve also invested ~$7k in a 10-week coaching program that will help significantly shift my business model. I bookmarked the logins, read every email, participated in every facet of the program, show up to every call or workshop, take all the notes, complete all the homework…

And my results are amazing. I’m completely invested financially and emotionally into getting results of the program.

In your business if you notice people aren’t engaging, or aren’t committed to the results, it may be due to the fact that they didn’t invest enough financially to GET the results.

This is the difference between investing $4K for front-row seats to Hamilton and moseying by a street performer playing the violin.

Remember that people that pay, pay attention.

Restated: “People that pay a LOT, pay attention a LOT”

– Cody

P.S. This is an excerpt from today’s episode of the Cody Builds a Business Podcast which you can find here.