My phone vibrated in my pocket. I popped up the antenna and flipped it open.

“I have a problem…and I heard you can help me…”

Wednesday on the podcast I admitted Google and YouTube are my friends. It’s incredibly empowering to know how to master complicated tech by leveraging help documentation.

At a previous job (and when I still had a flip phone), I leveraged this strategy and got really good at

The phrase “super user” was thrown around as I mastered the software and became the go-to guy in the office.

Word got out, and a short time later I was approached by another company in our office suite. They signed up for Salesforce and had no idea how to use it.

“What would you charge us to set everything up?”

I paused and contemplated how long it would take to make the system hum.

I had no idea how to price my services (and was still in the “trade-time-for-money” way of thinking). It would be nice to make $100/hr and thought it would take about 10 hours.

“A thousand bucks,” I replied.

Fast forward a few months and it happened again. Another non-profit asked me to set up Salesforce for them. Another $1000 in my pocket. I made about 1/5th of my monthly salary in way less than 1/5 of the amount of time.

Fast forward a few years and this is exactly how I transitioned out of my 9-5 job. I took side jobs, proved I could help people, proved to myself I could get a result, and went for it.

I didn’t have a safety net of a bunch of money in the bank or a lot of prepaid clients. But I had the confidence that I could do it; that a need was present in the marketplace for exactly my skill set.

I tell the rest of the story on Episode 106 of the Cody Builds a Business Podcast.


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