It’s hard to find good Mexican food in our home state of Colorado.

So when we found ourself near one of the highest rated Mexican restaurants on a recent vacation to Florida we excitedly made dinner plans.

The place was cool. Clean lobby, short wait, nice staff, ample parking, warm chips and fresh salsa.

All good so far…

My wife ordered her favorite: a Chile Relleno (a pepper stuffed with chicken and cheese).

She cut into it and before taking her first bite, noticed a hair inside her prized chile pepper.

We were all super grossed out. The server was so embarrassed and the manager came to our table to apologize.

A new chile relleno was ordered and came immediately.


You guessed it, another hair.

(At this point it’s probably prudent to apologize if this grosses you out…)

My point is – the core promise wasn’t there.

I don’t care how friendly the staff is if the food is gross or contaminated.

The promise is amazing, fresh, delicious [hairless] food.

The polish is… everything else.

It’s like a nicely dressed Uber driver that gets you to the destination late.

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