In February of this year I hosted a free beta group.

I put a post out on Facebook (on my personal page) seeking volunteers to help me create the One Hour Funnel program. In exchange for lifetime access to the program, I would get their feedback.

We met weekly on Zoom for 4 weeks while I fleshed out my content. It was amazing.

In March I used this new framework and filmed the program.

April was launch month.

I didn’t have a list (literally 0 list) – so I ran cold Facebook traffic to a webinar registration page and got people to register for about $15 each.

And, here’s the real reason I started a podcast:┬áto promote my webinar.

I thought, “The webinar is on Thursday, I’ll start the show on Monday and invite people to the webinar!”

Brilliant, right?

The painful truth is that it didn’t work. I got a handful of downloads and it certainly didn’t drive any conversions (oh, about 35 people registered, 9 showed up and none stayed till the offer).


I was hooked on the medium.

I fell in love with podcasting. And if you’ve ever wanted to start a show, today on the Cody Builds A Business Podcast I trace my steps on how I got started.

I talk about how I launched, where my ideas come from, the equipment I use, and what you can expect.

So if you’ve ever been even a little bit curious on how to start a podcast, this episode is for you.

Here’s the link to check it out.