Ever have trouble deciding what to do (or what to do next)?

You have a few options and don’t know which one to pick.

I’m primarily talking about strategy, but it could easily be a conversation with a referral, a purchasing decision, or any other decision you have to make in your business.

I get this all the time with my private clients…

“Should we do a PDF or a quiz?” “What’s the price point going to be of our offer?” “Do we say word X or word Y… don’t want to isolate anyone?” “Do we target interest A or interest B?”

Faced with this uncertainty I see people helplessly and aimlessly embark on the hunt for the mythical perfect answer by reading all the blogs and praying to the iTunes gods that the perfect podcast will drop in their lap and give them the one, magical, ‘right’ answer.

Stop it.

There is no ‘right’ call. You have to pick one, and then test it. Then, analyze the results and decide if it’s worth scaling or bailing.

I have yet to meet a successful entrepreneur who launched their company and just nailed everything right out of the gate. They never changed their logo, offer, colors, website, funnel, marketing, ad buying or strategy.

It doesn’t happen that way.

Show me an entrepreneur who has never pivoted a thing in their business in any way and I’ll show you someone who is either broke, out of business, or not living up to their full potential.

I grew up in the 80s and there was a popular BMX bike movie called “Rad”.

The word “rad” went the way of “cowabunga” and you don’t hear people use it much anymore.

I’m going to change that:

From now on, we’re going to make RAD decisions.

Research. Analyze. Decide.

Research available options to you (3 max). Analyze the pros and cons of each (10 minutes tops). Decide.

Pick one.

Test it.

Change it if you need to.

When I launched my book funnel last week I narrowed it down to the top 3 options. I too wondered which of the 3 was the ‘right’ one. So I made a RAD decision and launched…

I went with the funnel that likely got you on this list – give away a PDF of the book for free then offer a course at a crazy low price and invite a handful people to collaborate with me in a case study group.

It’s going pretty well but I have a hunch it could be even better. I’ll test the next approach soon… likely next week.

So this is your permission to stop flooding your brain with options from 10 people telling you to do 10 things. Make a RAD choice, get started, and get some sleep.


– Cody

P.S. Want to get your hands on my book, the One Hour Funnel? Right now you can download a digital copy for free here. It’s filled with practical stories and tips just like this one.