I’ve interviewed 19 people in the last 2 weeks for my podcast.

Despite my request that they keep my show “clean” – some have been unable to control their tongue during my interview.

No biggie…

“If only I knew how to edit audio…” I thought to myself.

When I started my podcast, Cody Builds a Business I set out to create a real, raw, approach to audio. I’m confounded by audio mixing and editing and thus have focused on the best equipment I can afford while recording around 100 (mostly solo) episodes. Literally no editing so far.

I don’t know how to edit audio.

Could I learn? Sure. I’m a smart guy; a quick learner.

However, it’s not the best use of my time.

So this week I did something new. I logged into Fiverr (a gig website where people will do almost anything for just $5) and found an editor who could clean up the audio and drop the cuss words.

The interview was 42 minutes long and he edited it, bleeped the words, and shot me back a ready-to-publish file.

I feel smart. I saved an hour or 2 of my time and hired someone who loves editing audio. 

All-in it was $12 after fees.

When faced with something challenging in your business, I’d encourage you to find the “who” (the person who already has that skill set) instead of learning the ‘how” (watching hours of YouTube videos and reading dozens of articles).

Focus on your zone of genius. Hire out the stuff you don’t want to learn how to do.

(Inspired from Episode 92 of the Cody Builds a Business Podcast. Listen in your favorite app here)

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