“Cody! OHMYGOSH! I did what you said to do!”

“Really?” I slowly replied, scanning my recent memory of what she may be referring to.

“What did you do?” I asked?

“I joined a Facebook group with my exact target market in it… then I waited.”

I smiled for the next few minutes as she excitedly recapped a strategy we hatched to help her build authority, affinity, and organically add people to her email list.

She’s in my Crew coaching program, and here’s the exact strategy you can use, too.

How to Provide “Value in Advance”

Step 1: Join a free Facebook group where your exact target market lives. In her case, she found a group of around 12,000 school administrators that were perfect for her school character program.

Step 2: Listen. Pay attention to the conversations and the needs in the community. Understand the words they use, how they describe their problem, and recurring pain points.

Step 3: Jump in. Ever see someone jump double dutch? They patiently wait as the ropes spin; bouncing as they study the rhythm and strike at the perfect time! They jump in with both feet.

In the group, this means adding value with a thoughtful, genuine, and lengthy response.

I don’t mean “like” someone’s post. I don’t mean leaving an “attaboy” comment when they share a win.

I mean a long (more than 3 lines) thoughtful tip or framework.

In her case she dropped a golden nugget in a discussion thread asking about her exact expertise (how to build character in schools).

By the end of the first day she had over 325 reactions, 90 comments and 100 shares of her thoughtful post. She also got more than 120 opt ins to her funnel.

Here’s the kicker – don’t drop a link to your magnet or product. Don’t ask them to follow you on Instagram or slide into their DMs with a Paypal link. No way!

Simply provide value in advance of ever inviting them to become a client.

In the case of my Crew coaching client, that single post in a free group caused hundreds of people to raise their hand, build affinity and authority, and get them a result.

All without spending a dime on advertising.

~ Cody “Value in Advance” Burch

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