A few weeks ago we hopped on a plane and took a family vacation to San Diego.

My sons (ages 7, 9, and 11) had never been to the beach and we were determined to squeeze every ounce of fun out of summer.

We were staying near the beach (kind of), in between Sea World and the Zoo.

We landed at the airport, piled into the rental car and went to the hotel to drop off our stuff before heading to the beach.

Just outside the lobby of the hotel was a courtyard (pool, grill, chairs) and some palm trees planted in about 3 square feet of sand.

Seeing it, I joked to my kids “hey guys, look! That’s the beach!” They looked at me skeptically for .3 seconds before bursting into laughter.

A few minutes later we were all lathered in sunscreen and there was a trail of footprints in the sand headed towards the water. Beyond, 3 kids were jumping for joy in the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

It’s a moment I’ll never forget…

Here’s my question – what if they were content to merely play in that small amount of sand? Not having seen the actual beach, what if they settled for this “less-than”, imposter version?

You see, it took the vision of someone that had been there before to call them forth and show them the way to the big, authentic, vast version of the beach…

To open their mind to the possibility that there is more out there and to not settle.

In our business (or in our life), how often do we settle for the imposter version of what we’re called to do (or called to be)?

In our quest to experience the awe and glory of the ocean we’re content to frolic in the first sandbox that catches our attention…

Ask me how I know…

When I started my agency almost 20 months ago I couldn’t see it’s full potential…

I just wanted to make a little money, prove that I had the chops, and avoid bankruptcy.  But through this journey I’ve had people around me calling me forth, grabbing my hand, encouraging me to think and dream bigger…

My wife, my parents, my rag-tag “board of advisors” (people older than me that had walked this journey before) were all on the other side of the gap; above the chaos of starting a business with a vision for the potential of what it could become.

As I hit milestones in my business I keep leveling up my vision for what it will become. I now can see the potential on the horizon. But if not for those few in the beginning, I probably would still be stuck in my old J.O.B. that I didn’t like.

I went to an event in Toronto in April and met some awesome podcasters. The next day I started my podcast, “Cody Builds a Business”.

In June I had a call with Dean Jackson, one of the top marketing minds in the world, who encouraged me to write a book.

Without the inspiration of those other people I never would have started a podcast.

I never would have written a book (which just came in the mail in the last few days).

I hate to admit it, but I may have just been “stuck in the sandbox” and never experience the glory and splendor of the ocean.

So, let’s check in…

Where are you with the vision of your business (or life)?

Who do you surround yourself that “calls you forth” saying, “don’t stop there… paradise is around the corner…you just can’t see it yet.”

What mentors do you have, what events do you attend where you can grow your vision for becoming _____ (an author, an entrepreneur, self-employed, self-published, quit your job, win an award, climb a 14er, run a marathon)?

Stop settling for a less-than, watered down version of what life could really be.

Start that podcast.

Write that book.

Launch that funnel.

You got this.


P.S. Want to get your hands on my book, the One Hour Funnel? Right now you can download a digital copy for free here.

P.P.S. This is an excerpt from Episode 58 of the Cody Builds a Business Podcast which you can find here.