Ever feel like you don’t belong?

As a kid I got strep throat a lot. A few times a year I’d get to stay home from school and binge on popsicles, Gatorade, Saltine crackers and horrible daytime TV.

Remember that?

Between segments of The Price Is Right I was hammered with commercials for Life Alert (“I’ve fallen… and I can’t get up!”), personal injury lawyers, and joint supplements.

Easy to feel misunderstood. What did a 9-year old with sideburns care about ambulance-chasing attorneys?

Last week at Mastermind Talks (an invite-only gathering of 160 entrepreneurs) I felt like I belonged. These were “my people”. Every person I met; every roundtable; every conversation, I felt connected.

Did you know that if your primary source of income is “running your own business” you’re… weird?

Like, only 6.02% of the US weird. 94% work for someone else

If your primary source of income is “entrepreneur” you’re straight-up rare and it’s easy to feel isolated.

But check this out:

A recent study showed the email subject line that garnered the highest open rates (around 90%; compared to 20% that most emails get).

“You are not alone.”

Humans want to feel like we belong to something bigger than ourselves. We’re tribal creatures fleeing isolation and seeking authentic relationships and belonging in something. Anything.

A group. A movement. A tribe.

Create a sense of belonging in your community and you’ll have more customers buying more things, more often, and staying for longer.


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